eLot Electronics Recycling offers a complete recycling service for any sized business. Whether there is a closet full of outdated and unusable electronics or an entire floor one phone call and we can be there to remove it all. By recycling your electronic equipment, bulbs, lamps and batteries through us, you are saving the community from hazardous toxins and help retain clean landfills.

The increase in electronics consumption in the past few decades has led to environmental issues as they reach their end of life. Filled with hazardous materials like mercury and lead, electronics cannot be land filled and the average home owner is left with a heavy burden. The EPA, DEC and many electronics manufacturers and de-manufactures have taken on these challenges to offer a viable way to rid attics, garages and basements of obsolete electronics in a safe and environmentally way.

  • Electronics Recycling

    List of items we recycle: Computers, Laptops, Printers, Fax machines, Circuit boards, Monitors, TVs, Peripherals, Batteries, cell phones and more. Get a quote»
    Electronics Recycling
  • Bulb Recycling

    At eLot we offer a full bulb and lamp recycling. These programs include containers for bulb recycling placed at your business as well as drop off programs for homeowners. And then some. Get a quote»
    Bulb Recycling
  • Drop-off Service

    All residential recycling can be brought to main facility at 64 Hannay Lane - Glenmont, NY 12077. Monday - Friday 7:30 -4:00. Be assured here at eLot all of your recycling and data destruction meets HIPAA and DOD standards. Get a quote»
    Drop-off Service
  • Pick-up Service

    elot Electronics Recycling has a full fleet of vehicles ready to be dispatched for immediate removal for any of your recycling needs. Be assured here at eLot all of your recycling is handled in the highest standards. Get a quote»
    Pick-up Service
  • Data Destruction

    eLot offers data destruction and erasure to DOD standards of your hard drive as well as document destruction including tape drives. We provide documentation as requested. Get a quote»
    Data Destruction