Feb 15

Safe light bulb disposal made possible in Troy

General News

A new recycling plant in Troy is helping people get rid of those pesky light bulbs that could otherwise be dangerous.

eLOT, a full service recycling company in Troy, is using the MP6000 to safely dispose of dangerous light bulbs.

The state of the art recycling plant from the UK disposes of all types of bulbs including toxic fluorescents in way that is safe for the environment.

eLOT says the machine starts by separating every part of the bulb like the glass, mercury and end caps from one another before recycling them.

“Those three streams are separated and each one is recycled. So, as opposed to the hazardous waste going into the ground or the landfill, as well as the metals and the plastic, all those items end up being recycled,” said eLOT CEO Maish Freedman.

eLOT is one of only a few companies like it in the Northeast and it is the only company locally who provides the service.

They tell FOX23 it doesn’t matter if you are a school or business with thousands of bulbs or homeowner with just a few, anyone looking to get rid of their light bulbs can drop them off and if you can’t get out, eLOT will pick them up.